Daily Fantasy Nerd Review

Daily Fantasy Nerd is one of the top options for DFS players looking for a lineup optimizer. In this Daily Fantasy Nerd Review, we’ll show you all of its features and teach you how to use it for your DFS research and lineup building. Whether it is Draftkings lineups, Fanduel Lineups or any of the major sports where you need to see optimized NFL lineups or MLB lineups, Daily Fantasy Nerd has you covered for these and much more!

DFNerd was created in 2015 and since this time, it has created multiple DFS winners of over $100,000. In addition to their lineup building tool, they also include a bankroll tracker for analyzing users’ performance in DFS contests. The creators of Daily Fantasy Nerd have made fantastic and simple to use tools, to help you be a more successful DFS player.

Daily Fantasy Nerd Features

In the first part of this Daily Fantasy Nerd Review, we’ll outline all the features of its two tools. Below this will show you a walk through of how to use the program.

Lineup Optimizer Features

  • General Info
  • Supports DraftKings, FanDuel, Yahoo, and FantasyDraft.
  • NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL contests are supported for the 4 sites.
  • Lineup Building Features
  • Create up to 150 lineups in just seconds.
  • Like, Lock, and Exclude players for your lineups.
  • Create stacks of players.
  • Filter players to include in your lineups by salary, projection, value, role, and more.
  • “Randomize” lineups to have more diversity in your players.
  • Research Features
  • Detailed game information like Vegas Lines and Weather.
  • Award winning custom projections of fantasy points, minutes/opportunities, and value.
  • Site specific player information like salary and positional eligibility.
  • Player fantasy point averages for multiple time frames.
  • Player fantasy point floors and ceilings.
  • Detailed player game logs for every game over the past two seasons.
  • Opponent match up information.
  • Sport specific player stats.
  • Player injury and rest status.
  • View community player “Likes”

How to Use the Daily Fantasy Nerd Lineup Optimizer

Much of the appeal in using DFS Nerd, is that it’s one of the easiest lineup builder tools to use, while still being effective. Almost everything you need to research players and build lineups is on just one page of the site.

While you may want to create your own process for using DFNerd, we’ll give you some tips for how to use the lineup optimizer.

Step 1) Choose Your DFS Contest Slate.

The first step in using Daily Fantasy Nerd, is choosing the games to be included for your research and lineup building. In the top right of the tool you can select the DFS site and sport you’re playing. If you need an NFL Fanduel Lineup, you’re covered. Need NHL Fanduel? Also covered. Specific slates can be chosen by individually excluding games or using the exclude pop up.

Fantasy Nerd, Daily Fantasy Nerd Review

Step 2) Game Research

Before analyzing individual players, it’s a good idea to look through the games on your slate. You find games with high Vegas totals and favorable weather.

Vegas totals can be used to project how many points will be scored in a game. More points scored in a game, typically means more fantasy points scored in that game.

Weather can have a large influence on both NFL and MLB games. You can see important weather information like precipitation, temperature, and wind in this section of DFNerd.

Step 3) Player Research

After you’ve done some quick game research, it’s time to begin researching individual players.

You can filter players in the top right of the optimizer by their position, salary, projected fantasy points, projected value, and more. You can also search for individual players.

Fantasy Nerd, Daily Fantasy Nerd Review

The main player portion of Daily Fantasy Nerd shows a great deal of information, but the information has been organized well, so that you can easily find where you’re looking for. The sections are broken into groups including basic player information, match up statistics, weather and environmental factors, fantasy point averages, and projected fantasy points.

You can also click on any player to see incredibly detailed game logs of every game over the past two seasons. These are useful for identifying trends in performance and salary.

Step 4) Filtering Players to Include/Exclude in Your Lineups

After and during your player research, you can choose which players you want to include in your lineups. In addition to the filters shown in step 3, you can also “Like”, Lock, and Exclude players.

Players you “Like” will receive priority for inclusion in your lineups. If you’re using the “ALL-STAR” or “MVP” plan ($44.99 & $79.99), you’re also able to see community likes. This means you’ll be able to see players liked by other Daily Fantasy Nerd users & experienced players.

Players you Lock will be included in 100% of your lineups.

Players you Exclude, will NOT be included in any of your lineups.

You can reset your “Likes”, Locks, and Excluded players at any time.

Step 5) Build Optimal Lineups

When you’ve chosen which players to include and exclude, it’s time to create lineups. This is simply done by clicking the “Build Optimal Lineups” button at the top of the page.

Daily Fantasy Nerd will automatically create the maximum number of lineups for your pricing plan (10-150). You can then save the lineups you wish to play. This is such an important element of any optimizer and if you are looking for the best DFS optimizer for building fast NFL Draftkings lineups (among others of course), this is your best bet.

Your saved lineups are then available under the lineups tab of the optimizer. These lineups can be exported to use on your DFS site.

Daily Fantasy Nerd Bankroll Tracker

This Daily Fantasy Nerd review would not be complete without showing you their bankroll tracker. The bankroll tracker is included in lineup optimizer plans. It’s a great tool for analyzing your DFS results.

You can upload your contest history from any of the major DFS sites, like Draftkings, Fanduel, Yahoo and also FantasyDraft, and then filter your results to find how you’re performing in different contest types.

You can filter results using the following filters:

  • DFS Site
  • SportDate
  • Range
  • Contest Type
  • Entry Fee
  • Contest Size
  • And More

The bankroll tracker will then give you information like your profit, win rate, ROI, and more, for the contests you’ve selected to review.

Fantasy Nerd, Daily Fantasy Nerd Review

Final Thoughts on Daily Fantasy Nerd

In this review of Daily Fantasy Nerd we’ve detailed the features of their lineup optimizer and bankroll tracker, as well as shown you how it can be used.

We highly recommend Daily Fantasy Nerd, especially for those of you looking for an intuitive and easy to use lineup optimizer. If you need an NBA Lineup Optimizer, MLB lineup optimizer or a daily fantasy football NFL lineup optimizer, Daily Fantasy Nerd will fit your needs.

We’ll make sure to update this Daily Fantasy Nerd review if features are added or changed.

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