Fanduel VS Draftkings

It’s only a matter of time before the reported $200+ million advertising brow-beating will finally get to you and you decide to give daily fantasy sports a try. Enter the argument – Fanduel VS Draftkings.

Despite the somewhat sleepy jackpot winners on the TV commercials, the truth is that DFS games really do add a legitimate excitement to the games. After all, the chance to win real money on a weekly basis is much more appealing than having your season long commissioner spend the collective league entry fee on bail money isn’t it?

The two companies behind the constant advertising blitz are DraftKings and FanDuel. Although every site from Yahoo Fantasy Sports to probably is seemingly featuring their own version of DFS games. DraftKings and Fanduel have risen to the top of the industry in user-interface, bonuses, and the variety of games offered among other features.

For the most part, the two sites are relatively similar in many of their features and true hardcore DFS players have an account at both to take advantage of bonuses, pricing, and competition. That being said, if you’re looking for one company or the other to invest in (and increase their advertising budget in the meantime), here’s a simple breakdown:

Sign Up Bonuses

With a lot of the features of both Draftkings and Fanduel being similar, one of the biggest enticements for new users is the sign-up bonus. Fanduel will match 100% of your initial deposit up to $20 while Draftkings does so up to $500. Fanduel Sportsbook will offer a $500 risk free bet, but that’s just the Fanduel Sportsbook section and not the common fantasy sports site. These do change though, and promotions from the two sites are always moving around, so do check in with the sites to see what is actually current.

Game Play 

With allure of the big welcome bonus being somewhat of a moot point, the deciding factor in the Fanduel VS Draftkings battle becomes gameplay. Some of the differences between the two companies include:

•             User Interface – both formats are going to be somewhat confusing at first but will become second nature by the second or third time entering a contest. Draftkings does feature pictures of the player which makes it more visibly appealing whereas Fanduel is just text. Both sites feature injury information and breaking news easily displayed but Fanduel also lists fantasy points per game on the player selector interface.

•             DFS Games Available – Draftkings and Fanduel both feature the most popular types of DFS games including head to head, 50/50 (top 50% win money), and the large prize pool tournaments. The scoring and salary cap formats are also very similar between the two sites.

•             DFS Sports Offered – One of the biggest differences between the two sites is that although both offer NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, CFB, and CBB, Draftkings also features PGA, Nascar, MMA, Tennis, Soccer, and some e-sports (video games) leagues to participate in.

Contest Variety 

It would take hours to sift through all the contests available on both Fanduel and Draftkings on a daily basis. Both of the sites have large tournaments that pay out $250,000 in prize money as the norm, even on a Tuesday NBA or NHL slate. The companies also offer plenty of free play and low money contests ($1-$2 on up). Both Draftkings and Fanduel are making a ploy for your money which is why they’ll not only keep hammering TV and radio spots into your brain, but also increasing the big money contests available. It should be noted that roughly 90% of the money in these games are won by approximately 1% of the players but that doesn’t mean you can’t get lucky on either site. This brings us to the ‘shark’ aspect of DFS in which expert players using analytics and other statistical probabilities look to feed on new players and devour their bankroll. Shark players see both Fanduel and Draftkings as an Old Country Buffet of profit which is why it’s not necessarily easier to win on one site or the other. The best word of advice is to play smart and learn the nuances of DFS before expecting to win at any of the big tournaments. As far as which site is better – Draftkings does offer more sports and a bigger welcome bonus but many players find themselves having more overall success at Fanduel. The best bet is to try them both and keep track of your results for 3-4 weeks. Whatever site you are winning at should be the one you focus your research and investing on because ultimately…profit is the funnest part of DFS no matter where you play.

So which is better – DraftKings Or Fanduel? Here’s a breakdown for each category in our Fanduel VS Draftkings argument.

Beginner friendly

Unlike FanDuel in Draftkings if you have not played more than fifty games in a particular sport, then you are given special beginner games. This means when you start you get to play people who are the same level as you; this gives the new player an opportunity to better themselves while playing real money games, unlike the free games. Advantage – DraftKings


When you compare Draftkings and FanDuel you will completely agree with me FanDuel is much simpler. Normally FanDuel is geared toward the casual player. Players are usually eligible to one position meaning there is no flex or utility, also scoring is usually straight forward. Many people tend to think simplicity kills the fun but to the contrary simplicity helps new players improve their speed and also enjoy themselves. Advantage – FanDuel

Late Swap

In FanDuel when the first game of the slate begins your entire roster is usually locks. Draftkings gives you a chance to late swap, meaning you can remove a player from your lineup till that player’s game starts. Where injuries are announced at the last minute last swap is usually very helpful. Advantage – DraftKings

Rosters Lock With First Game

The fact that FanDuel does not give you an option for late swap instead the roster locks with the first game brings with it some benefits; this is all about individual preference, if you prefer setting your roster and not to be bothered after lock time then FanDuel works best for you. The benefits of roster locking are; you get to see your opponent entire roster unlike in Draftkings where you have to wait till a particular player’s game starts. The last benefit of roster rocking is that you are put on a level playing field with everyone else. Advantage – Tie

Availability of Satellites

Satellites are among one of the best programs offered by DraftKings, where you get to contests for tickets to big tournaments. FanDuel has not come up with such program yet. The tickets worn in this program are usually extremely easy to use; this is because of the improved ticketing system. Advantage – DraftKings

Scouting Opponent

In FanDuel, you have the ability to scout you opponent a bit unlike in the Draftkings. Scouting means you can see the opponent’s profile page that shows how many times they have won and the date they signed up. In case you are trying to avoid the pros you can use this method to know who to play, but should note the fact someone have few wins or signed up recently does mean they are not good. Advantage – FanDuel

Market share

FanDuel holds the greater share of the market compared to Draftkings. For instance in the fourth quarter of 2014 the FanDuel had about 74% of the total market that is 1.01 million paying users, in the same period DraftKings had about 355,000 paying users. If we look the total players entry fees in the same period, DraftKings reported 166 million dollars that are 31 percent while FanDuel reported 371 million dollars that are 69 percent. According to recent figures Draftking seems to be drawing closer, from January to September, DraftKings reported 141 million dollars player’s entry fees while FanDuel reported 251 million dollars. Advantage – FanDuel

Daily Games Offered

Drafkings provide a wide variety of sports, for instance, golf that you will not find in FanDuel. Let’s take a look at the sports offered by each site. Starting with FanDuel, which offers pro football, college football, pro baseball, pro basketball and pro hockey while Draftkings provides pro football, college football, pro baseball, pro basketball, pro hockey, pro golf, pro soccer, and NASCAR, MMA, and e-sports. Advantage – DraftKings

Social Media Dominance

In this area, the two sites seems to compete fairly, in the case of Facebook Draftkings have three thousand likes while FanDuel has three hundred and eighty thousand likes giving FanDuel an upper hand. On Twitter, FanDuel has sixty-three thousand followers while Draftkings have eighty thousand followers giving it an upper hand, this brings the even distribution of followers in the social media by the two sites. Advantage – FanDuel

Bonus Comparison

If you join Draftkings or FanDuel, you are given a one hundred percent bonus. The FanDuel have a maximum figure of two hundred dollars while Draftkings has a maximum figure of six hundred dollars. Despite the fact both sites pays guaranteed prize pool tournament and salary capped games, there is a feature draftkings offers that the FanDuel does not. Draftkings offers freeroll leagues that have cash prizes. By Freeroll Leagues, we mean that you do not pay to join but still you are given money prices if you win. The money price goes up to a thousand dollar. Advantage – Tie

Rake Comparison

The percentage the sites takes from your entry fees into a tournament or a league before letting the other fee go to prize pool is referred to rake. Is good to note the lower the rake, the more money goes into the prize pool, meaning lower rake is preferred. In FanDuel site, every game they offer they keep 10% rake for themselves while Draftkings take 5.66% rake for every game they offer. From this percentage is clear Draftking charges cheaply compared to FanDuel. Advantage – DraftKings

Headquarters Location and establishment time

Draftkings com headquarters are located in Boston, established in 2012 by Jason Robins, Mathew Kalish, and Paul Liberman while Fanduel headquarters are located in New York city. FanDuel was established by Nigel Eccles, Lesley Eccles, Tom Griffiths, Rob Jones, Chris Stamford and Nik Bonnadio. Both DraftKings and FanDuel lead the industry for a reason, that is they offer good services and great money for their customers. Those not involved in daily fantasy sport I believe this is the most opportune moment. This article will help you choose a site suiting your preference. A lot of money is made in this industry even some people are referring daily fantasy sports as the new poker.

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