Is Draftkings Legit – What You Really Need To Know

In this post, I will be silencing all the nonsense about whether Draftkings is legit or not. I will tell you what you really need to know in this review. I will touch on 3 things. These three things should answer or give you a better conclusion about Draftkings. Let’s get to it.

Is Draftkings Legit? Is Draftkings a Scam?

Yes it is legit, Draftkings is not a scam in any way, shape or form.

With all jokes aside and a straight face. Yes, it is legit. No daily fantasy sports company would hold as many customers and bring in such revenue if it wasn’t somewhat legit. I mean nothing is perfect. But it is good enough. I have been playing on Draftkings just about as long as I have been on Fanduel. Both sites have been getting a lot of heat from. Those suit wearing guys that chose to be a pain in the you know what. For a living. Allegations say that employees from each site. Was playing on the rival site and making huge bank. Was this true? No actual proof has been revealed to the public.

Even though one employee from Draftkings won big on a contest on Fanduel. They say the reason he won, was because he had access to very sensitive information. Giving him the upper hand on his competition. Yet no proof has been presented to the public. So it was kinda swept under the rug. For now, that is. I have never had any trouble withdrawing or depositing money on Draft kings and they always pay on time.

I’m sure I have done over 1,000+ transactions. All have gone through fine. The checks also. But I will say that the checks do take a while to get to you. But Draftkings lets you know that before you withdraw so. You have been forewarned. Your account is safe. No one outside of Draftkings can access your account. Even on the app. They have a feature where you can put a passcode on it. So if someone is on your mobile device. They can’t just click on your Draftkings account and get your cash. I have had over 30k in my account. It stayed there for about 4 months. It never moved. So they earned my respect and trust.

I will now go into the pros and cons of Draftkings. Starting with the pros.

Pros To Having A Draftkings Account

It is free to set up. So you do not have to pay anything or use a credit card to get started on their site. You can still play contests too with no entry fee. Just not to win money.

The site is full of players. Your chances of seeing the same player in a contest are very slim. Unless it’s a DFS Shark those guys are like shadows. It is hard to avoid them.

Your information is safe with Draftkings. They will ask for a lot of your personal information. Things like your telephone number, address, SSN, and email. All of that information is safe within the site.

It’s available 24/7 365. You will always be able to get on Draftkings and do something. No matter what it is. Unless you get on the site while they’re doing maintenance work. Which will be stated as soon as you get on there. Usually, they will be done in a few hours. So no big deal.

Now we will move into the cons of Draftkings.

Cons To Having A Draftkings Account

Drafkings site layout can be a bit overwhelming. It has a lot of bright lights and bells and whistles. That all function differently. So once you get on there. It’s good to read everything thoroughly before you click on something. I have entered many of the wrong contest. By not doing this.

They are a bit more strict than Fanduel. If you have an old account or an account you do not wish to use again. You cannot use the same card you have associated with the old account. What they will do is wait till you deposit. Then they will send you a lovely message stating blah blah blah. Really what they are saying is. That your card is associated with another account on Draftkings and that they are closing your account and keeping your deposit. Have a nice day. So keep that in mind. If you are looking to start fresh.

Be careful on how you invite opponents to your contest. This is a harmless but very fast way to get your account suspended or even closed. If guys start reporting you. Draftkings will soon email you saying something that will sound like this. Blah Blah Blah. But what they are really saying is that if you do not stop inviting people you have recently played against to your contest. We are going to silence you. Have a nice day. So if that 100 man contest of yours only needs 10 more slots to fill before game time. You may want to keep this in mind.


I know I have said it before and I will say it again. Yes, Draftkings is legit. Does it have its pros? Yes, and does it have its cons? Yes no matter what you are a part of on this earth. It is some good and bad in it. Some way, shape, form, or fashion. So I look at it like this. If it is not causing you physical or mental harm. Or stopping you from eating or paying bills. It is ok. Sounds bout like a job huh? Well, this is a job for some people. Like myself, I make a living off playing DFS. I have my up and down moments. But I love my job and pays the bills. It also feeds me and my family so. But this is all I have for this post. If you have any questions or further concerns. Feel free to leave them in the comments area below.

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