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Monkey Knife Fight is one of my favorite additions to the ever-growing daily fantasy world. Monkey Knife Fight comes into the realm of daily fantasy sports with its own unique twist on the regular DFS contests you have come to know and love, moving away from building lineups to complete a roster of players while at the same staying under a set salary cap. Instead, the games presented to you are daily prop games.

What is a Prop Bet?

Prop games for those of you who don’t know, is when you are selecting an individual player, in one chosen sport, to either exceed or fall short on a selected playing statistic. Think over/under, 25.5 points for James Harden on tonight’s NBA game, or Lamar Jackson, over/under 185.5 passing yards in NFL Thursday Night Football. When Super Bowl 2020 rolls around, you will hear a lot about Super Bowl prop bets during this time. They are a little more outrageous than what MKF offers but you will also find regular NFL prop bets like are offered at that time.

There are a lot more games available than the brief description above, but we will break those down better as we move through the review.

Monkey knife fight, Monkey Knife Fight Review – Daily Fantasy Prop Bets

The Hook

What draws me to Monkey Knife Fight so much is the fact that at times, depending on how you may have previously bet on prop games in the past with real money, is that it can be difficult to find a bookmaker or betting app that will allow you to parlay prop games. Monkey Knife Fight clears this up, as the games it features, allow you to select your multiplier up to 125X your outlay, to parlay prop selections together. NBA prop bets offer the 100X multiplier, NHL Prop bets look to offer 10X and NFL prop bets go to 125X.

The other great draw to Monkey Knife Fight is that if you have been around prop games in the past, you know that prop games can be one of the easier ways to build your bankroll for Monkey Knife Fight or other DFS or betting ventures. Your friendly sportsbooks do tend to offer lower limits on props and see lower action on these types of bets, as opposed to other betting options, so there is a tendency to not put as much emphasis on having an accurate line. This allows you to find some decent upside on prop bets.

Signing Up

When you first go to Monkey Knife Fight com, on the left-hand side or at the top of the mobile screen, you will see a “sign up” button, which, after selecting, will let you create a username and password. Once completed, you can enter in the rest of your details. You do not have to deposit any funds at this time, but you are given a free $5 to play with right from the word go.

Promotional Code

You can use the promo code “Lineup Optimizer” to receive up to $50 bonus on your first deposit. Monkey Knife Fight will also go ahead and match 100% of your first initial deposit, up to $500. Click on this link here to find out all the information about Lineup Optimizer’s exclusive MKF promo code.

Making your First Deposit

Making a deposit is as simple as using any major credit card. The Monkey Knife Fight minimum deposit is $10. It is in the deposit screen that you can also use our promo code.

At the moment, Monkey Knife Fight does not support PayPal, although I do expect that sometime in the future this would become an option.

Monkey knife fight, Monkey Knife Fight Review – Daily Fantasy Prop Bets

Game Types


This is going to be the main contest type for most folks I think, with the Over/Under being where you choose the over or the under on a set stat for a set player/s.

I made the reference above in the introduction section about James Harden and Lamar Jackson, but let’s go ahead and try some more. Another example as I look to the upcoming NFL Sunday matchups, I could take Patrick Mahomes, Over 306.5 passing yards and then take his opposing QB Drew Lock, under 234.5 passing yards. I can select the Over/Under game, 2/2 & Prize 3X. What this means is that I am selecting the Over Under, I need to make two selections (made above, Mahomes & Lock) and my outlay will be multiplied by 3 if I win both selections.

The more selections you are willing to take on, increases your multiplier. In NFL, 6/6 selections will see your outlay multiplied by 31X., go for 8/8 and that goes to 125X. In NBA, Monkey Knife Fight will give you 100X your outlay for 8/8 correct over/under selections. Not bad right?

Another great feature of Monkey Knife Fight Over/Under is the ability to opt to take a loss but still get a return. Let me explain. If you take an Over/Under game, 4/5 & Prize 3.5X, you can select 5 over/under selections, get 1 wrong and still take 3.5X your outlay.

Monkey knife fight, Monkey Knife Fight Review – Daily Fantasy Prop Bets

Star Shootout

Star shootout are games that feature players from different games across the current day. Games like main slate, early games or night games, is what you will typically find here. This is just an extension of picking one single matchup, to allow you to be able to put together prop bets from across multiple games.

Because Monkey Knife Fight Star Shootouts have the potential to run across more games, this is where you will find some of the bigger multipliers, like an Over/Under, 100X buy-in win, for an 8/8 wins in NBA prop bet, or 125X for NFL prop bet.

For obvious reasons (125X Multiplier 😊), this is my favorite form of Monkey Knife Fight so far.

Monkey knife fight, Monkey Knife Fight Review – Daily Fantasy Prop Bets

Fantasy & Fantasy Challenge

These games are based around, you guessed it, fantasy points. Moving away from straight prop bets, in Fantasy Challenges, you are choosing between two players, as to who is going to end the game with the most fantasy points.

In Fantasy Challenge, you are selecting players yourself, that you believe will score the most fantasy points.

In the game mode “Fantasy”, you will notice that in these games, one of the players will be assigned additional fantasy points, based on their matchup. For example, I am looking at an NBA matchup between James Harden and Anthony Davis Jr. and in this particular matchup, Monkey Knife Fight has given Davis Jr. an additional +6.5 points to start the match.

Fantasy Points for Monkey Knife Fight look like this:


  • Point: 1
  • Assist: 1.5
  • Rebound: 1.2
  • Steal: 3
  • Block: 3
  • Turnover -1


  • Passing TD 4
  • Passing YD: 0.04
  • Interception: -1
  • Rushing YD: 0.1
  • Rushing TD: 6
  • Reception: 1
  • Receiving YD: 0.1
  • Receiving TD: 6
  • Return TD: 6
  • 2 Point Conversion: 2
  • Fumble Lost: -2



  • Goals 3
  • Assists: 2
  • Shot on Goal: 0.5
  • Blocked Shots: 0.5
  • Short Handed Goals: 1
  • Short Handed Assists: 1
  • Shootout Goals: 0.2


  • Goals Against: -1
  • Save: 0.2


  • Goals Scored: 15
  • Assists: 7
  • Shots on Goal: 5
  • Tackles Successful: 1.3
  • Interceptions: 1.3
  • Shots Blocked: 1.3
  • Defender Clean Sheets: 5
  • Goalkeeper Clean Sheets: 10
  • Goals Conceded: -2.5
  • Shots Faced Saved: 3
  • Goalkeeper Wins: 7


  • Per Hole:
  • Eagle or Better: 5
  • Birdie: 3
  • Par: 1

Rapid Fire

In Monkey Knife Fight Rapid Fire, you are predicting the winner of the number of matchups you select, based on each matchups target stat category. To provide an example, if I take a look at the days NBA matchups for a Rapid Fire, 4/4, with a prize of 8X buy-in, these are the 4 matchups, of which I would choose one from each matchup:

  • Three Pointers Made – James Harden Vs Paul George (+0.5 to start)
  • Points – Anthony David Jr. Vs Donovan Mitchell (+1.5 to start)
  • Assists – LeBron James Vs Trae Young (+1.5 to start)
  • Rebounds – Clint Capela Vs Domantas Sabonis (+2.5 to start)

If I was opting for a fantasy football Rapid Fire pick, it would look like this for the upcoming NFL Sunday:

  • Passing Yards – Tom Brady Vs Andy Dalton (+48.5)
  • Receptions – Julian Edelman Vs Tyler Boyd (+1.5)
  • Receiving Yards – James White Vs John Ross (+7.5)
  • Receiving Yards – Alex Erickson Vs Mohamed Sanu (+4.5)

Like always, the more selections you are willing to make, the more the multiplier will be.

Monkey knife fight, Monkey Knife Fight Review – Daily Fantasy Prop Bets

Contest Selections

If you played Daily Fantasy Sports before, it is very likely that cash games and tournaments are familiar to you. Cash games typically being ones where there is a 50% win rate from the field, and tournaments where it is more around the 30% mark, but payouts are larger than cash games.

Whilst you won’t find the games here at Monkey Knife Fight labelled as cash or tournament, you are able to mitigate your risk by playing games that allow a loss, for a slightly smaller payout.

Contests Cancelled Due to Non-Play by Player

I have to say, I really like the fact that if you do set a game, only to find out later that one of the players you picked isn’t playing, that the bet is just cancelled, and you get your money back. If you play regular Daily Fantasy Sports, you know the pain of putting on a lineup, or multiple lineups, only to find that you didn’t pay attention to news, and you picked an injured or benched player. It stings, and it costs you, because you don’t get that lineup cancelled, it still runs. Cost of entry gone and more than likely, if you win anything, it would probably be minimal.


Monkey Knife Fight support is run through email. They promise a 24-Hr turnaround time and if you need the help of support, you can locate the help button in the bottom right of your screen.


Making a withdrawal of any available funds is simple. Right now, you have three options available to you. You can get your withdrawal through Intercheck, who can provide you with a regular paper check through mail, or an e-check, which can be delivered straight to your inbox. Or you can get your funds through ACH, directly into your bank account.

Monkey Knife Fight does have a $20 minimum withdrawal amount.

Monkey knife fight, Monkey Knife Fight Review – Daily Fantasy Prop Bets

Website Experience

The site is a nice experience, easily navigable, with everything you need right where you need it. The left-hand sidebar provides all your options like New Game, Challenging Friends, Your Dashboard to access live, upcoming and closed games, adding and withdrawing funds and viewing all of your transactions. You can also see your balance, number of entries, current dollars in play and current dollars you are winning.

Switching between different sports is a also a breeze, with all of the available sports listed across the top, and there is a big “New Game” button that you can always hit to start a new prop bet.

Mobile App

Whilst there is no official mobile app available right now, you can easily access a very mobile friendly version of Monkey Knife

Monkey knife fight, Monkey Knife Fight Review – Daily Fantasy Prop Bets


Like other popular fantasy sport sites, Monkey Knife Fight falls under Daily Fantasy Sports. As DFS is legal in most states, you are free to play MKF in those states, just like any other DFS game. You can read about the legality of DFS over here.


You are going to find regular promotions on the site, like deposit bonuses, which are able to be used as entry fees/site cash and are only withdrawable once they are won back to you as cash.

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