NFL on Fanduel – How it Works

Ok, this is the good stuff. This is why you came. I don’t want to waste any more time. Let’s get to it and talk NFL Fanduel.

NFL Fanduel How It Works

Well, it’s quite simple in fact. You choose players. Score points based off how the play in real life. Accumulate more points than your opponents and win cash. Those rules apply to all sports on any DFS platform.

You can play all game modes as well. 50/50’s will be very smart to take this route for beginners. Not saying that you won’t do better in another game mode as a beginner. I speak on my personal experiences and that’s what worked best for me. Once you get on the site. Explore around a bit. Join a few contest they could all be the same or different. See how you do and go from there. I will say that it took me about 4 weeks of solid 50/50 games. Before I learned the game well enough to go explore in other game modes.

The one I went to after 50/50s were Head To Heads. Did I win? No, not much. I was a rookie and I was destroyed by DFS Sharks each and every time I played. But Fanduel has now updated their site. Making it easier to tell who the rookies and experienced players are. 

But nowadays I’m considered a DFS Shark. It just takes time and a steady routine. You will become better and soon make decent cash every day on Fanduel.

How Much Do You Get To Spend On Players?

You get a total of $60,000 to spend in salary for players. You can see in the image below. It shows in the upper right side.

You will also see the average amount you can spend based on your total for each player you have already used. It is that number right beside the $60,000. It will change as you select players.

At the top, you will see all the games available for that particular day. If you click one it will only show players from the two teams in the block you selected. If you do not choose anything it will be all players from all games mixed together. Like you see in the image.

How To Sort Players

Picking players can be very confusing especially if they are all mixed together. So it’s best to sort them for each position. You can do this by clicking the tab beside all.

Just simply chose the tab of the position you are wishing to choose players from. Do this on down the line.

You can also search for players using the search tab. It says find a player but it’s still considered the same thing to me. You will find this right above where it shows the players salary. Click it and type in the player that you are looking for. If they are in the NFL it will pull them up. You can also sort the players by how many fantasy points they average a game, how many games they have played, the game and the salary price for each player. This will come in handy as you become a more experienced player.

I will say that I enjoy the app a lot better. Simply because it shows the players faces. I don’t know what it is. I just feel like it helps with the player selecting process. I have in many cases chose players that have had identical names and of course I didn’t realize it until the game starts and the guy gives me a big fat 0. So I will suggest downloading the app on your cellphone. But if you are fine with choosing off the computer then stick with what you are comfortable with.

What Do The Colors Beside The Players Mean?

All those colors are player status indicators and are very useful to you. They’ll have letters or a letter in them to let you know what it’s meaning is. You should pay attention to them at all times. I will tell you what each color and letter/letters represent.

If you can see that you can click the image to view it in a larger version. You can also read the information I am about to give you below.

  • Red usually means injured or out of the game and not active. These have the IR, O, and NA in them. It’s best to stay away from these players.
  • Orange means that the player is doubtful or questionable. These two will either have a D or Q in the box. I usually stay away from these players also.
  • Green means that the player is projected to have a good game. You will want to always make sure you have a few of these guys in your lineup. It will have a green P in the box.
  • The last two are breaking news and recent news icons. They will let you what is going on with a particular player and how long ago it was.

How Is It Scored?

It is scored like this.

All of these will factor into one score total at the end of the day. If yours is higher than your opponents then you will cash. Keep an eye on positions that reward the highest points. Target those areas when you are picking players and you will reap the rewards.

What Are Good Sources To Use To Help With NFL

Before I give you a list of sources to help you pick NFL Fanduel players for daily fantasy sports. I will say that it is always good to go out and do your own research. But having a few tips never hurt either. These are in no order. I know that there are hundreds if not thousands of sources out there. Some better than others. I will name what I use and have used. Just so I can answer any questions you have related to them. I know I will be able to provide accurate information on each.

These are a couple of sources I use and have used personally. They are all great. You may like some better than others. But whatever helps you win the most. Stick with that one It will benefit you in the long run. You can also request to join a Facebook group.

The community is friendly and full of knowledgeable players. I will say once I joined a group, my winning percentage increased a lot. It just helps to be in a community filled with people who share information. They all could use to help each other win.

How Not To Pick Players

Once you get in you will be eager to choose players. Who are household names. That is a fast way to lose your money in DFS. It is important that you check the stats and history or each player you choose. If they play well at home they may have a terrible away record. Same vice versa. So just because you get on the site and see a guy that averages 24 fantasy points a game. Doesn’t always mean he will be a good pick for that particular game/week/match up. It could be the difference between winning $5 dollars or $5000.

It is also not good to point chase. Point chasing is when a random guy has a great game. Like 3 touchdowns and 250+y yards. If that player is not traditionally known for doing that. Don’t go point chasing him the next week and be disappointed when he gives you that golden egg. Don’t get me wrong if they have a few consecutive good games. It will help you to have them in your lineup. Especially while they are cheap. Once Fanduel notices that the player is producing big numbers. They will raise his price. Making harder to get him into your lineups going forward.

For each player you pick. Make sure it is a solid reason you have them in your lineup. If you have players in there and your reason to have them in there is to use up all of your salary budget. That is not a good strategy to go by. You will find out the hard way soon. Make sure that you have researched for each player you have in your lineup. To make your chances of cashing increase substantially. It is not important to use all the salary budget. It is just there so guys can’t go through and select all the top performing guys in the league. For each position.

Be careful team stacking. Team stacking is a very popular term used all around daily fantasy sports. Team stacking is when you have 4 players from the same team in your lineup. If you know that the players are going to dominate or you have solid research to back up your reasoning for doing it that’s one thing. But if you are just doing it because it’s your favorite team. That’s a recipe for disaster. You will not benefit often. Throwing out lineups like that. Cause if you team stack gets destroyed that day. So does your entire line up and your chances of winning go out the window basically. If you team stack. Do it the right way.

How To Pick Players To Win

This is not a guaranteed method. But it is my method and has worked for me over the years. When I choose NFL Fanduel players, I love to start with the defense first. Because if the defense holds the opposite team to 0 points. You get an additional +10 points. Plus whatever else the defense does. Interceptions, Defense Touchdowns, Fumbles, etc. I then go and select my kicker. Why? Because they can accurate a lot of points fast. You know that kickers are used a lot in the NFL. Good kickers are used even more. Let’s say you are in a low scoring game. But you have 9 points on field goals from your kicker. If those are 50+ yards. That will give you 15 points just from a kicker alone. That’s huge and will really sky-rocket you past your opponents.

I then have to decide whether I’m going to choose my quarterback or running backs. Depending on the games and who’s playing who and where. Will factor in this. But normally I go ahead and select my running backs first. Why? Because this is a game all about touches and who is producing the most points. Yea you may have a QB that will go out and throw 2 or 3 touchdowns. But chances of him being low owned is not likely. So when a guy is known for putting up numbers like that. He will be owned over 50%+.

Which will lead to ties and spilt money. I don’t want that and neither should you. Not only does it cause tie games. But the QB pushing out numbers like that is going to cost a lot. Making it hard to implement any other decent players into your lineup. I usually tend to put the QB on the back burner. Cause no matter what team. If the QB you chose starts he will get touches.

I go for the RBs cause they get the most touches in a game. If they have a good day. It will be even better for you. Never mind the hype around RBs. Do your research and remember to pick strategically. Res usually rotate often as well. So having a few guys off the bench wouldn’t hurt. Especially if the do well when they do have the opportunity to shine. Also be sure to check if the opposite team has a bad run defense. If so it will almost always help to choose good RBs against them.

Next is the TE. Why? Because those guys are almost guaranteed the ball in the short yard and red-zone situations. That will benefit you a lot if you have a TE that scores 3 TD’s in a game. I saw it a lot last season and the guys who cashed big. Typically had a TE that has 2+ touchdowns in a single game. Don’t sleep on the TE position. Those guys are one if not the most important player you will draft.

Now I go and slide me a QB in before my budget gets too low. It’s not always best to have a top 5 QB. But I wouldn’t go lower than top 10. Unless you know that QB personally and have insights that no-one else has. You are taking a huge risk picking a QB out of the top 10. Especially if they do not start. But sometimes guys get injured. Then picking a QB out of the top 10 will make sense. I tend to go for decent QBs. Guys, I know that are affordable and are going to exceed their price value. Which happens more often than not. Tell me which will hurt you worse a QB that cost $11,000 scoring 15 fantasy points? Or one that is  $7,000 scoring 15 fantasy points? They first one will of course. It’s best to do research on the defense of the opposing team. If they have a bad passing defense. It will only make sense to select a QB with a good passing percentage.

So be sure to know that the more expensive your player is. Doesn’t necessarily mean he is going to dominate. It all goes back to research. Go get the history and see what the sports networks are talking about before making a decision.

Last is the WRs. I go for these guys last because you never really know with them. Plus you get three. I will say that I target guys. I know will get a lot of looks from their QB. It is very beneficial to pick a QB and WR from the same team. The points will accumulate very well if they are on that game. It is also a lot more of these guys to choose from than any other position. I save them last because I don’t usually have to think too hard on my selections. Plus if I make one bad choice. I still have two more guys to make up for it.

The traditional way to choose players is like this.










My method is like this.










No matter what method you chose. Make sure you have a logical reasoning behind it. Never be afraid to pick that guy you know players won’t have. Like maybe a guy from your hometown or someone you went to school with. You know he is the real deal. But the other players don’t. Slide him in your lineup. It could benefit you a lot. This scenario has played out well for me many times over the years. Picks like this will make you a very successful DFS player. Trust me I know this. I have one guy from my hometown that went to the lions this year. I’m going to put him in my lineups a few times. I know for a fact that boy is the truth.


This is all I have for you. I hope you enjoy the NFL Fanduel season and make plenty money on Fanduel. NFL is one of the most played  sports on either NFL Fanduel or Draftkings. I have made most of my money from it. About 23K+ worth. Nevertheless, it will require you put some serious time and effort into it. If you plan on having a winning record. Or making a living off of it. I cannot stress it enough. Research it is so much information out there. I have provided a few sources I use myself. That you can use also. You will not win them all. No-one does. But it is key top make sure that with each loss you learn something from it. To better your chances of winning going forward. Never go all in if you don’t have the bankroll to support it. Why spend $500 if you know that if you lose that $500 you will be hurting come bill time? Spend your money wisely. Know that in DFS there is always tomorrow. So you can just come back the next day and start fresh. This is not the case with NFL, but generally is for the other sports.

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