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These picks apply to DraftKings and FanDuel DFS week 7, and we use Draft Dashboard to create our lineups.


Let’s start with looking at the quarterback position. Lamar Jackson and Russell Wilson are in a fantastic spot here in week 7, but I like Kyler Murray from the Arizona Cardinals playing the New York Giants who have the fourth worst defense overall and give up the fourth most fantasy points to opposing quarterbacks.

Kyler Murray has averaged 23.2 fantasy points per game on the season, and he scored 32 fantasy points last week and 25 two games before that. So he’s on fire, he’s getting an average of 6.5 rushes per game but he rushed the ball 11 times last week, 10 times the week before that so 21 rush attempts in the last two games, and he’s facing the New York Giants which are not goodat defending the run.

That adds to his matchup upside for sure as he’s only going to be about seven percent owned. He’s projected at twenty-one fantasy points here in week seven. He’s $6700 DraftKings salary and$1,000 more on FanDuel, so I like that Fanduel price.

Vegas thinks there is going to be fifty-five points scored in this game and they have the Arizona Cardinals trailing by three, so this is a nice matchup with a high Vegas game total. Kyler Murray has been adding to his floor with those rushing attempts,and that adds to his ceiling. If he finds the endzone that’s a huge boost for his fantasy production. This kid can run the ball, he knows when to throw it and he knows when to run. He’s smart with the ball and he’s got a fantastic matchup this week so I like Kyler Murray here versus the New York Giants.

So, Kyler Murray is my quarterback stud for week seven, now let’s take a look at my quarterback NFL Fantasy sleeper pick. I like Jacoby Brissette from the Indianapolis Colts, playing the Houston Texans who have the 11th worst defense overall and they give up the 7th most fantasy points to opposing quarterbacks. Jacoby Brissette is getting T Y Hilton back this week and he’s already averaging 18-point eight fantasy points per game on the season.He only scored 12 fantasy points last week, but remember he didn’t have T Y Hilton, but he scored 24 fantasy points the two games before that so this guys got 20 plus point up side and hasbeen pretty consistent this year.

He’s averaging 4.8 rush attempts per game on the season, he got six, five and three rush attempts in his last three games, so he’s got rushing touchdown up side as well, and he’s only going to be about three percent owned. He’s projected at 17.8 fantasy points here in week seven, he’s $5600 DraftKings salary and $1,700 more on FanDuel. Vegas thinks there’s going to be 47.5 points scored in this game and they have the Indianapolis Colts ahead by one, so a big part of that has to be because T Y Hilton is coming back.

I like that game total, I like that it’s going to be a competitive game. He’s got a home game and he’s been on fire with the exception of last week, which was a bad game for him. I think Jacoby Brissette can bounce back in a great matchup at home here versus the Houston Texans.

Running Backs

Alrighty, FanDuel and DraftKings NFL week 7 running backs. My running back stud this week is Leonard Fournette from the Jacksonville Jaguars, playing the Cincinnati Bengals who are the 5th worst defense overall and give up the second most fantasy points to opposing running backs. Leonard Fournette is averaging 19.1 fantasy points per game on the season. He scored 18.7 fantasy points in his last three games, he’s getting an average of 19.2 rush attempts per game, he’s got 20, 23 and 29Rush attempts in his last three games. I’m just calling out these numbers because they’re eye popping to look at. Fournette is going to be about 38% owned, so this is the chalk running back this week. He’s on the field for 91% of the snaps and touches the ball 41% of that time. Monster usage for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Leonard Fournette is projected at 21.1 fantasy points here in week 7 and he’s $7000 on DraftKings salary and $900 more on FanDuel, so that’s a pretty low salary for a guy that’s had monster production, monster usage on the ground, through the air, whether they’re winning or losing, he’s out there fantasy point producing.

Vegas thinks this is going to be 44.5 points scored in this game and they have Jacksonville favorite by 4. Leonard Fournette has been a beast and this is a fantastic matchup versus a Cincinnati Bengals team that has not been able to stop the run and they’ve just got a bad defense overall, so Leonard Fournette should be able to tear this team up. His price still hasn’t caught up to the level of production that we can expect from this guy, so I like Leonard Fournette here versus the Cincinnati Bengals.

My week 7 NFL sleeper pick at the running back position, I think I’m going to go with Frank Gore from the Buffalo Bills, playing the Miami Dolphins who have the absolute worst defense overall and give up the absolute most fantasy points to opposing running backs. They just let Adrian Peterson have a pretty good game and Frank Gore has averaged 11.6 fantasy points per game on the season and he’s getting an average of 15 rush attempts per game, but only one or two pass attempts per game so that’s 16 to 17 touches per game and he’s only going tobe about 3% owned.

He’s on the field for 50% of the snaps and he touches the ball 45% of that time, so plenty of usage and he’s projected at 10.6fantasy points here in week seven. He’s $5200 DraftKings salary and $800 more on FanDuel.

Vegas thinks there’s going to be 45.5 points scored in this gamebut they have the Buffalo Bills favored by 16.5, so they expect them to do most of the scoring. This is a home game and they’ll have the crowd behind them. Frank Gore is the timeless wonder,he’s still a good running back and in a great spot here versus the Miami defense who are just giving it up on the ground to everyone this year, so I like Frank Gore here versus the Miami Dolphins.

Now, you got to consider that Devin Singletary is going to be back this week, he’s been sitting out with a hamstring injury so he sat out for three weeks. He was pretty good before he got hurt, averaging 13.3 fantasy points per game on the season,that’s more than Frank Gore’s average, and he’s had a smaller sample size. He is going to be less than 1% owned so this is a super deep sleeper. This is a risky pick here, I would definitely go with Frank Gore over Devin Singletary, but if you’re making a ton of lineups and want to sprinkle in a little bit of risk versus the Miami defense, who’s the worst team at defending running backs and the worst overall defense, I don’t think it’s a crazy play.

Wide Receivers

DraftKings and FanDuel NFL week 7 continuing here and we’re taking a look at my wide receiver stud. Popular choice may be Cooper Kupp but he is expensive, and rightfully so, he will receive a ton of targets and has a great matchup. I’m going to pivot away from the easy choice and run with Robert Woods as my receiving stud for week 7. The LA Rams receiver is playing the Atlanta Falcons who have the third worst defense overall and they give up the second most fantasy points to opposing wide receivers. Robert Woods is averaging 13.6 fantasy points per game on the season and he’s getting an everage of 8.5 targets per game. He is even throwing up a small rushing attempt average. Robert Woods is going to be owned by about 20% of the playing population but he is on the field for 97% of the snaps, andtouching the ball 14% of that time. So the production is there, plenty of involvement and he is getting targets. He is projected at 15.7 fantasy points in week 7 and he is only $5900 on Draftkings, and $1400 more on Fanduel. Compare that to the $7400 you could pay up for Cooper Kupp and I think you have a steal and have saved yourself some salary cap to spend elsewhere.

Vegas thinks there’s going to be 55 points scored in this game and they have the Rams ahead by 3, so a huge game total. It’s a smash spot for Robert Woods versus the Atlanta Falcons defense, they can’t stop the wide receiver position and they’re giving up a ton of yards through the air, so I like Robert Woods here versus the Atlanta Falcons.

My wide receiver NFL sleeper pick for week seven, I couldn’t believe this guy was this low owned. It’s Auden Tate from the Cincinnati Bengals, playing the Jacksonville Jaguars who have the 12th worst defense overall and give up the 12th most fantasy points to opposing wide receivers. Auden Tate has averaged 10 fantasy points per game on the season and he scored 14 fantasy points last week off of 12 pass targets. Averaging 7 pass targets per game and he’s snatching the balls out of the air and he’s making great catches week after week. He’s got a huge catch radius and this guy’s fast, he’s talented and he’s only going to be around 1 percent owned. He’s on the field for 97% of the snaps and touches the ball thirteen percent of that time. He’s projected at 11.3 fantasy points here in week seven and he’s only $4500 DraftKings salary and $1,400 more on FanDuel.

Vegas thinks there’s going to be 40.5 points scored in this game.We’ve got the Cincinnati Bengals trailing by four so it’s another passing game script for the Cincinnati Bengals which favors Auden Tate, who’s at home, he’s on fire, he’s getting a ton of targets and he’s catching everything thrown his way, so I like Auden Tate here versus the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Tight Ends

NFL DFS week seven and we’re looking at the tight end position. My tight end stud this week is going to be Austin Hooper. How do you get away from this guy from the Atlanta Falcons, playing the LA Rams who have the 13th worst defense overall and they give up the 10th most fantasy points to opposing tight ends? Austin Hooper has averaged 19.3 fantasy points per game on the season, he scored 29 fantasy points last week and he’s averaging 8.3 targets per game. He’s going to be about 19% owned on the field for 81 percent of the snaps andtouches the ball 14% of that time, so monster usage for the tight end position. He’s projected at 13.7 fantasy points here in week seven at $5,300 DraftKings salary and $1,300 more on FanDuel.

Vegas thinks there will be 55 points scored in this game and they have the Atlanta Falcons trailing by 3. There is a potential for the passing game script to be used and if so, then remember that LA Rams just picked up Ramsey who’s going to be covering Julio Jones, so that could leave an open Austin Hooper for a ton of targets. Home game for Austin Hooper, great matchup versus the LA Rams, so I like Austin Hooper here versus the LA Rams.

If you’re sick of playing Austin Hooper, I mean I don’t know why you would be, he’s doing nothing but produce week after week and his price still remains pretty reasonable, but if you want to pivot off of Austin Hooper, take a look at Mark Andrews who’s a little bit less salary. He’s $4900 DraftKings salary, he’s got a great matchup versus the Seattle Seahawks who give up the third most fantasy points to tight ends and Mark Andrews is averaging 16.3 fantasy points per game on the season, getting almost eight targets per game and he’s going tobe about 21% owned and that’s also a projected high game total of 49 points by Vegas, so that’s a high scoring game. The Baltimore Ravens should be trailing by three, so a passing game script there as well. So, I also like Mark Andrews here versus the Seattle Seahawks.

Let’s take a look at my week seven NFL sleeper pick at the tight end position. I can’t get off this guy, I like Hunter Henry from the LA Chargers playing the Tennessee Titans who have a good defense overall with the seventh best defense overall, but they give up the sixth most fantasy points to the opposing tight end position.

Hunter Henry has averaged 21.5 fantasy points per game for the season, it’s a smaller sample size because he’s been injured but he came back from injury and scored 33 fantasy points off nine targets. He’s averaging seven targets per game and he’s only going to be about 6% owned on the field for 73% of the snaps,touching the ball 14% of that time. He’s only going to be about $4,000 DraftKings salary and $1,700 more on FanDuel. He’s projected at 10.8 fantasy points here in week 7.

Vegas thinks there is going to be 41 points scored in this game,they have the Chargers trailing by 2.5 so a close game,competitive game, nice positional matchup as the Tennessee Titans have been giving it up to tight ends, so I like Hunter Henry as a surprising NFL fantasy sleeper pick here in week 7.

I’m throwing in one last NFL fantasy football sleeper pick for you guys for DFS week 7, and we’re going with a super deep sleeper, under 1% owned. I like Darren Fells from the Houston Texans playing the Indianapolis Colts who have the 14th worst defense overall and give up the third most fantasy points to opposing tight ends.

Darren Fells? Who the heck is that? He’s the number one tight end for the Houston Texans right now. He got seven targets last game and he scored 13 and 16 fantasy points in his last two games, averaging 8.2 fantasy points per game on the season. He only gets an average of 3.3 targets per game and that’s what makes him a deep NFL sleeper, because he’s super risky with only 3.3 targets per game, but he did get seven targets last game and he is on the field for 70% of the snaps, so he’s out there. He’s projected at 6.9 fantasy points here in week 7, he’s $3,100 DraftKings salary and $2300 more on FanDuel so I love that DraftKings price near minimum salary.

Vegas thinks there is going to be 47.5 points scored in this gameand they have Houston trailing by 1 so a big game total with lots of points being scored, and this game is a great matchup, risky play but could find the endzone once again, so I like Darren fells as a week 7 deep NFL sleeper pick here versus the Indianapolis Colts.

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