NHL DFS – Changes to Draftkings Scoring

NHL Daily Fantasy is back, with preseason already underway and the NHL 2019 season ready to kick off on October 2 with first time Stanley Cup winners St. Louis Blues, raising up the Stanley Cup championship banner, before taking on the Washington Capitals. For NHL DFS fans, it is a time to rejoice as we get to hit our favorite DFS sites and attempt glory.

Before we do that though, I’m here to let you know about some changes to scoring for your Draftkings NHL lineups. I have put together the table below to show you the old values vs new values.

The official statement from Draftkings suggests that this is the outcome of a lot of user and community feedback over the past 12 months, in an attempt to grow excitement around NHL DFS. The main theme around all of that feedback? More scoring = more excitement. I think it is really positive that sites like Draftkings take on the feedback from their members and implement changes that will no doubt be positive for all DFS players.

Following on from the feedback above, further results from surveys conducted by Draftkings com, showed that there was an overwhelming want for a captain spot in Showdown Mode to align with the other DFS sports on the platform. With this addition now in place, the added game mode should identify new players and grow the NHL DFS player base, which is a good thing.

Another addition to the NHL scoring is through bonuses. The bonuses were carefully reviewed to ensure that they were applied to great performances in one area or another, without bonuses becoming the primary source of the total score. The feeling is that the data shows that it is proportional to the total mix.

Lastly, the changes to the goalie scoring was an effort to align the NHL goalie statistics not having 2, but 3 potential game outcomes, being win, lose or OT. The change came by way of two FPTS for an OT loss.

I think these are great changes made for those of us that enjoy NHL DFS, with more scoring making the games more interesting, bonuses adding to the challenge and captain mode being popular in the other sports, should bring in some additional players to the game.

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