NBA Fantasy Season 2019-2020 Preview

The month of October is one of the busiest times of the year in DFS sports, and NBA fantasy basketball is one of those as it kicks off a new NBA season. Other sports in action during October include NFL and NCAA football, the National Hockey League and the Major League Baseball postseason. However, basketball fans get to watch the …

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NBA DFS – 2019-2020 Player Projections

Fantasy Basketball Rankings I wanted to provide you a list of player projections for the upcoming 2019-2020 NBA season. These types of lists are very handy for helping you build NBA lineups if you are entering DFS contests. The information below is available from and if you visit this site, you are able to manipulate this information how you …

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NHL DFS – Changes to Draftkings Scoring

NHL DFS - changes to Draftkins Scoring

NHL Daily Fantasy is back, with preseason already underway and the NHL 2019 season ready to kick off on October 2 with first time Stanley Cup winners St. Louis Blues, raising up the Stanley Cup championship banner, before taking on the Washington Capitals. For NHL DFS fans, it is a time to rejoice as we get to hit our favorite DFS sites …

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ZCode Line Reversals Tool – Profitable Betting

Zcode line reversal tool

This ZCode powered tool is an insanely helpful addition to your sports betting arsenal when it used as a sports bet indicator. This application helps you as the user, identify a quick and sudden cash movement, all whilst avoiding you betting against Vegas bookmakers. It will assist in determining line moves and the way odds change throughout the day on …

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ZCode System Review – Winning Sports Betting Picks

Zcode system review

Sports betting is fun. It’s a fact, and there is a certain rush that you get when you lay down some of your hard-earned cash on a football game or a horse race. You wait for the event to start, follow every detail of what is happening and when you get the win, it’s like you have won it all.  …

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Sports Betting Education: Guide to Betting on Sports

Sports betting for beginners

This is a guide that will assist beginners who are interested in understanding how sports betting works, whether that is online sports betting or through a sports bookie, and how to put on a sport bet and getting a grasp on the odds and payouts. Enjoy the read, hopefully if you are a beginner, you do get something out of …

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Daily Fantasy Football Stacking Options for the 2019 NFL Season

NFL stacking

Here we are once again for the 2019 NFL season and DFS players are starting to get pumped for another exciting go around in their respective daily fantasy tournaments. With big cash on the line at this time of the year, NFL Fantasy Football brings more players to the table, hence the increase in prizemoney. I have previously written about …

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Daily Fantasy Sports Drill Down

Daily Fantasy Sports - Draftkings, Fanduel & Online Sportsbooks.

DFS or Daily Fantasy Sports has been around now for about 12 yrs, but it only has been in the last 5 years or so that it has really taken off. A lot of interest has come from recent news over this time period, debating the legality of sites like Fanduel and Draftkings and whether they should fall under the category of gambling or, games of …

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MLB Daily Fantasy – MLB Starting Lineups Help for 2019

Mlb fantasy lineup 2019

There are always a lot of requests from folks asking about who should I start in their lineups and looking for strategies to improve their DFS scores and improve their MLB lineups with better payouts. We love playing daily fantasy sports and we hope that we can provide you with some really helpful insights and tips in preparing better MLB …

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