RotoQL Review of Lineup Builder & Optimizer

Do you want to learn to take direction from the best on the globe and take your DFS more seriously, then turn to no other than the king of DFS players, Saahil Sud. Saahil has turned playing DFS into 1,000,000’s of dollars and now he is lending his expertise in the way of a premium package of lineup winning tools. This suite of tools being RotoQL.

Why You Need RotoQL

If you are looking for a DFS workhorse, then RotoQL will become the workstation that you have been dreaming about to build winning lineups for DFS contests and saving you hours of research. This is a premium DFS tool that is designed to make the process of putting in solid lineups easy and quickly, meaning you can join contests much faster.

The team behind RotoQL, take into account every kind of variable that you can think of to increase the time it takes to create lineups using the most optimal projections system, which can then generate 100’s of lineups within a fraction of the time it would take to do it manually, think seconds, so you are good to go fast.

Let’s say you are playing DFS and are looking for an NFL lineup optimizer for fantasy football and you need to make 50 lineups on Draftkings or Fanduel that have Ezekiel Elliott on half of them, RotoQL will take the load off your hands for you. You are no longer spending large portions of your day building these out manually, as the best DFS lineup optimizer, RotoQL, has your back when it comes to a lineup builder.

This is simply the go-to lineup optimizer if you are or want to be a season long, serious DFS top player. If you want to edge out other daily fantasy sports players or just need more bragging rights in the DFS community, then simply Sign up right here and take your lineups to the next level.

RotoQL review, RotoQL Review of Lineup Builder & Optimizer

RotoQL – Lineup Optimizer & Builder

·         Using the projections created by RotoQL or a selection of it’s sports betting lead partners, build impressive and optimal starting lineups on DFS sites like Draftkings or my personal favorite, Fanduel with this research tool. Choose your core players and then build teams around those guys and lock in the best moves of the contest. Don’t want a particular player? not a problem, exclude him, all within a fraction of the time it would normally take to do manually.

·         Do you like the ability to manipulate your data your own way to create your own cheat sheet? You can export your player data into an excel file and track projections, teams and salary all at the players level.

·         Part way through your 400 lineups and need to step away? no problem at all, use the save feature to get straight back to your lineups whenever you get back to your system of choice.

·         You can use player exposure to diversify your lineups using specific players, stack those lineups and when you are ready, save up to 400, yes 400 lineups, with one click of your mouse button in real time.


We are talking the big 4 here, NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB and RotoQL knows them well. Each sport gets access to a solid suite of tools and the features available complete the setup for the current slate of games that are set for the day or contest. Things like Vegas lines or projected totals, Red Zone opportunities in NFL, Points per Minute in NBA, Power Play Stacks in NHL and Park Factors and Weather Updates in MLB. Outside of the major league DFS sports, Rotoql is also the best golf lineup optimizer for DraftKings golf and Fanduel golf tourneys on PGA and Euro tours.

Getting Started

You can easily Sign Up Here to get started on your journey to super optimized DFS Lineups.

Let’s Sum Things Up…

To get the most out of RotoQL, you are likely going to be a heavy DFS player, putting on a lot of lineups, on a lot of different contests. If you are just starting and are dropping one lineup at a time, it probably doesn’t make a lot of sense to join a premium service. However, you also aren’t going to complete with those who do use this premium service so you need to think about your playing status.

If you are a daily player, you make multiple lineups or would like to make multiple lineups quicker than you can now, you simply cannot pass up an opportunity to have a suite of tools like RotoQL at your disposal. You will become competitive, increase your earnings and may even be one of the next DFS millionaires.

RotoQL review, RotoQL Review of Lineup Builder & Optimizer

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