Yahoo Daily Fantasy Sports Review

Yahoo has made a strong push to get into the fantasy sports space with an advanced and innovative platform that is familiar to those of you that have already experienced DFS sports on other popular fantasy sports apps. Yahoo Fantasy Sports is taking the knowledge that they already have and are putting it towards their Yahoo Fantasy Sports app to offer something that is already familiar to the new and seasoned Daily Fantasy Sports players.

Sports Available

Yahoo Fantasy Sports offers up the regular sports available to most DFS platforms, being NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA, along with Soccer and Golf. As for the contests that Yahoo Fantasy makes available, you will find Guaranteed to Run, 50/50 contests, Head to Heads and also Leagues.


Yahoo does have a decent advantage to tap into, as its established season long offering is already popular, and they can offer up DFS sports to these players. In the lobby you are going to find a good amount of user created tournaments, cash games like the 50/50s and the Head to Heads. Outside of those user-created offerings, Yahoo Fantasy will provide it’s players with Guaranteed to Run tournaments that offer a cash prize that will go ahead whether they get the full amount of DFS players joining or not.

Yahoo Daily Fantasy Sports, Yahoo Daily Fantasy Sports Review

Scoring and Yahoo Rosters

What you will notice if you are used to playing with other popular sites like Fanduel and Draftkings is that the roster creation and the way that you accumulate points will all feel very familiar to you.

If we go ahead and take a look at MLB as the example here, the Yahoo rosters are similar to those of Draftkings with 2 pitchers, 4 infield positions, the catcher role and the 3 outfielders. Scoring is basically doubled with Yahoo fantasy when you put it side by side against the likes of Fanduel.

If we take a look at it in more detail, we see this:

MLB Scoring

Batters• Stat​Points• Singles (1B)​2.6• Doubles (2B)​5.2• Triples (3B)​7.8• Home Runs (HR)​10.4• Runs (R)​1.9• Runs Batted In (RBI)​1.9• Bases on Balls (BB)​2.6• Stolen Bases (SB)​4.2• Hit by Pitch (HBP)​2.6

Pitchers• Stat​Points• Wins (W)​4• Strikeouts (K)​2• Earned Runs (ER)​-2• Outs (O)​1• Bases on Balls (BB)​-0.9• Hits (H)​-0.9• Hit by Pitch (HBP)​-0.9

When we look at NFL, Yahoo originally made the decision to not include the kickers or the defensive teams in the settings and included just the single quarterback. More recently though, the defense/special teams are there, as is the FLEX position which can be filled with an RB, TE or WR only. The scoring itself is a standard 0.5 point PPR (Points-Per-Reception) league without any bonuses.

NFL Scoring


  • Passing Yards (Pass Yd)​ / 0.04
  • Passing Touchdowns (Pass TD)​ / 4
  • Passing Interceptions (Int) / ​-1
  • Rushing Yards (Rush Yd) / 0.1
  • Rushing Touchdowns (Rush TD)​ / 6
  • Receptions (Rec) / ​0.5
  • Receiving Yards (Rec Yd) / ​0.1
  • Receiving Touchdowns (Rec TD) / ​6
  • Kick Return Touchdowns (KRTD)​ / 6
  • Punt Return Touchdowns (PRTD)​ / 6
  • Own Fumble Return TDs (Fum Ret TD)​ / 6
  • Fumbles Lost (Fum Lost) / ​-2
  • Two Pt Conversions (2Pt)​ / 2


  • Sacks (Sack)​ / 1
  • Safeties (Safety) / ​2
  • Interceptions (Int)​ / 2
  • Fumbles Recovered (Fum Rec)​ / 2
  • Blocked Kicks (Blk Kick)​ / 2
  • Defensive Touchdowns (TD)​ / 6
  • Kick Return Touchdowns (Ret TD)​ / 6
  • Two Pt Returns (2Pt) / ​2
  • Points Allowed 0 (0 Pts Allowed) / ​10
  • Points Allowed 1-6 (1-6 Pts Allowed)​ / 7
  • Points Allowed 7-13 (7-13 Pts Allowed)​ / 4
  • Points Allowed 14-20 (14-20 Pts Allowed)​ / 1
  • Points Allowed 21-27 (21-27 Pts Allowed) / ​0
  • Points Allowed 28-34 (28-34 Pts Allowed)​ / -1
  • Points Allowed 35+ (35+ Pts Allowed) / ​-4


NBA has eight roster spots that, if you have any experience with Yahoo’s season long contests, will feel comfortable to you. Scoring is similar to Fanduel except that you don’t see any bonuses for things like double doubles or triple doubles.

NBA Scoring

  • Points (PT)​ / 1
  • Rebounds (REB)​ / 1.2
  • Assists (AST)​ / 1.5
  • Steals (ST)​ / 3
  • Blocks (BLK)​ / 3
  • Turnovers (TO)​ / -1


Taking a look at the NHL, the lineups have 9 positions and the scoring doesn’t include bonus points. Draftkings recently updated their NHL Scoring which included bonus points for a number of on-ice actions. You can read about that here.

NHL Scoring


  • Goals (G)​ / 6
  • Assists (A) / ​4
  • Plus Minus (+/-)​ / 2
  • Shots (SOG) / ​0.9
  • Blocks (BLK)​ / 1
  • Power Play Points (PPP) / ​2


  • Wins (W)​ / 5
  • Goals Against (GA) / ​-3
  • Saves (SV)​ / 0.6
  • Shutouts (SHO) / ​5
Yahoo Daily Fantasy Sports, Yahoo Daily Fantasy Sports Review

Interface and User Experience

Yahoo Daily Fantasy Sports has a clean and fresh look to their home page setup. Across the very top of the desktop version you will find a legend of what the symbols mean that come after each contest, things like “Guaranteed”, “Veteran” and “Rookie Only”. A great way to help out new and old players alike, identify the contests that they would prefer to enter.

Next on the main screen you will see the sports that are available(these will be opaque if that particular sport is unavailable, like MLB at the time of writing this review), the entry fee widget, allowing you to manipulate your preferred entry fee range and then the contests type. Screenshot below identifies these three items.

Moving down you will then find all the contests, based on the what you have selected from the sport type option I mentioned above. If you have selected “Featured” button, instead of one particular sport, then you are going to see all the featured contests across all available sports. The screenshot below will show the featured view.

Lineup Creation

Creating Yahoo Fantasy lineups is a simple process on this slick platform. The first thing that you see starting at the top, are the details of the particular contest you have selected. You will see start time, number of games, the contest attributes (Things like whether it is a GPP contest, multi-entry, etc.), the number of entries vs max entrants allowed, entry fee, prize pool and the number of places paid.

Below these details is where the fun starts, building your Yahoo Daily Fantasy lineups. On the left hand side is going to be the payer pool available for the contest you have made the decision to enter. If there is more than one match for the contest, you can filter the games by clicking on them to only show players for that match. You can also select the position that you want to view, or you can select “All” to see all positions.

Each player line will show their position, name, the opponent they are playing that day, the chart of the last 10 games, FPPG (Average fantasy points per game), +/- which is the variance between how closely the player follows his average FPPG, with a low number meaning more consistency, the salary for the player (you need to stay under a $200 salary cap) and the add player button.

On the right hand side is where you can see the players that you have been adding in from the player pool in each position. Above the roster you can see how you are fairing against your $200 salary cap, the average salary cap you have remaining per player and the average FPPG for your rostered team.

From this point and once you have a full roster, you can hit submit lineup and confirm through the pop-up. If you need help with selecting your lineup, I would encourage you to use a lineup optimizer which can help you tremendously in selecting lineups where you are going to be competitive with seasoned players. At Lineup Optimizer we recommend Draft Dashboard which you can trial by using this Draft Dashboard link, or you can read about it in detail here.

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