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This ZCode powered tool is an insanely helpful addition to your sports betting arsenal when it used as a sports bet indicator. This application helps you as the user, identify a quick and sudden cash movement, all whilst avoiding you betting against Vegas bookmakers. It will assist in determining line moves and the way odds change throughout the day on sporting events. You will want to take some time to really understand how this tool is used before you attempt to put it to use with real money.

Where Line Reversals Tool Shines

The purpose of this great tool is to show its users when there is big money placed on a bet, that is, high rollers or sharp bettors making large wagers. This then allows you as a user of the ZCode tool, to follow along with the big bettors and not betting against them.

Let’s say you are thinking of betting on Kansas City Chiefs this coming Sunday, when all of a sudden you find a line reversal against them. This means that there has been a betting plunge on the opponent by high rollers placing large bets. This is a sign that perhaps there is some information out there that suggests the opponent of KC Chiefs is the more likely winner. You now have an opportunity to follow along with the big bettors who are trusting their sources to throw up big bucks on a particular bet.

Now of course the high rollers don’t always come out winners, but this tool will serve to show you that there is a lot of profit to be made when you follow the big money.

The Effectiveness of Line Reversals

Let me explain this tool in it’s simplest form and then extrapolate, this app will give you the opportunity to make smart betting decisions for better profitability whilst driving you away from making poor, blind bets. That’s the simple version, the longer winded explanation is that this is tool that has been designed with the serious investor in mind, those sports bettors who want to make it in the sports betting arena and earn large amounts of money with more winning picks. It is designed for those who want to see live trends, live changes of lines, spreads, charts, odds and total on teams of choice.

Line Reversal Tool Main Features

This will be your best solution to avoid betting against the house whilst identifying those sudden, sharp movements. Whilst it is important that you take time to understand the use of the tool before putting in play with real money, it is relatively easy to learn and there are plenty of tutorials around that will allow you to learn the skills of line reversals quickly. The tool comes packed with an impressive amount of features that you will no doubt find very useful.

All of these features will assist you to profit big through ZCode System as it is integrated comprehensively and includes:

·        Free of charge with your ZCode System VIP membership of the ZCode System. You are not required to make any additional purchases for this tool, just get your ZCode login for ZCode VIP Members.

·        No delays – everything is live and you get real time charts and odds.

·        Updates automatically – you will not need to concern yourself with figuring out how to update or refresh.

·        Direct odds from bookies – No middlemen here.

·        Different formats on odds – Whether you are in Europe or US, you find the odds format you are used to.

·        One click functionality – users are able to switch between games with one click, saving you plenty of time. This also allows you to check past games.

·        Flexibility of public percentages – view ticket information and public percentage information on charts

·        Easy view of favorites and underdogs for any given matchup.

Line Reversals Tool Exclusive Features

ZCode Line Reversal tool also has some other exclusive features for betting enthusiasts and these are outlined below:

·        Color coding of the movement of public cash. Very handy to understand the color coding as it will help you understand where the money is being put down. As an example, red would indicate that there is an excessive amount of large, public cash being placed on one side. On the other hand, an orange color would suggest to you that there is a large amount of public cash being put down on one side, just not as excessive as the color red would indicate.

·        Money Line – difference of money line tickets between home and away teams.

·        Spread Tickets – difference between spread tickets of home and away teams.

·        PPR or Public Popularity Ranking – based on all the games on a given day

·        Total Ticket Difference – This is the difference between the over and under within the number of tickets.

 With such a vast range of features and options, the ZCode System Line Reversals tool is a winning application for profiting in your sports betting picks adventures.


If you are looking for a way to join the knowledgeable sports pick crowd, by identifying the big cash moves, making you profit time and time again, then the Line Reversal tool from ZCode System is the way to go about doing just that. You get access to a regularly updated product that will consistently provide you with live information for movement and odds every day, on every game. It is probably the only tool that will give complete sport betting coverage that betting enthusiasts need for growth of their bottom line with more profits and better money management in sports investing.

If you want to learn more about ZCode System, you can read our review here.

If you want to go directly to ZCode Line Reversal Tool just click here.

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